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Cathy Upshire

Hello Ladies!!!

I hope you enjoyed your free webinar, “Who the Heck is That Woman?”  If you have found--after watching--that the woman in your mirror is indeed an imposter, I have good news for you.

I am offering a four-week online Power Boosting expedition for those who would like to go on their own personal journeys to wholeness, healing, authenticity, self-acceptance and self-love.


If you would like to experience this life changing excursion, click on the link below.


All videos are pre-recorded.  Individual coaching is limited to only 10 people per expedition, so don’t delay!

Power Booster

“It is a sad day

when a woman loses her power,

because when you lose your power

 you lose yourself.”

Cathy Upshire, “Woman Find Thyself”.


Woman Find Thyself

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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